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Small Matter(Dark Matter) Control


There is a danger that the human body will also be magnetized if this experiment is performed.

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The particle that is the source of magnetism is called Small Matter Rank 1.
The space is full of Small Matter Rank 1 and Small Matter Rank 2.
The disjointed small matter has no special effect, but the small matter that creates the flow creates attractive and repulsive forces.
I think that the spin motion of an electron is a small matter Rank 1 orbiting around the electron.
Small matter Rank 1 orbit around the electron.
Small Matter Rank 2 orbit around Small Matter Rank 1.

electron and R1 and R2

The satellite orbits about 90 degrees with respect to the direction of travel.

electron and R1R1 and R2

Coil:The direction of the satellite is aligned from the back to the front.


Ordinary coil:Rotate the electrons.

Ordinary coil

The small matter Rank 1 that passes through the inside of the coil easily flows from right to left.
Right to left:Be sucked in.
Left to right:It will be repelled.

Target coil:Rotate the small matter Rank1.

Target coil

The small matter Rank 2 that passes through the inside of the coil easily flows from right to left.


Wrap the enamel wire (0.29mm, 20m) around the vinyl tube so that it does not overlap.
The long coil is completed.
Wind a long coil (vinyl tube) into a coil.
Connect a 2.4V battery to the enamel wire.
I named the resulting coil a 4th dimension coil.
Currently (August 15, 2020), a patent is pending.
4th dimension coil


I experimented to see if the hypothesis was correct and it succeeded.
Insert a plastic pen into the 4th dimension coil and leave it for a while,
When I took it out and tried to insert it from the other side, it repelled. When I made the aluminum foil into a rod shape and tried it like a pen, it repelled.
The effect remained even after the experiment.
It became much weaker in two weeks and disappeared in one month.
The hand also seemed to be magnetized, and I was drawn to it when I held it over an electrically conductive wire.
When I held my hand over the electronic device, it repelled.
No abnormalities have been confirmed in the electronic devices placed in the vicinity.


Since plastic and aluminum are magnetized, it is not magnetized by the small matter Rank1 (magnetization Rank1) but magnetized by the small matter Rank2 (magnetization Rank2).
When a substance receives the flow of the small matter Rank2, it is considered that the small matter Rank2 of the substance is uniformly magnetized Rank2.
From the experimental results, the hypothesis is currently (August 15, 2020) the most probable theory.
Regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity, it is considered that the flow of small matter Rank 2 is coming out from the substation.
Small matter Rank 3 may be able to be controlled by changing the 4th dimension coil to a 5th dimension coil.

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